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Online learning is increasingly common in this day and age. A lot of Pupils/students at all levels access digital learning both inside and outside the walls of their schools. Children can now learn anytime and anywhere.


Starville School Online classes are carefully structured with a combined curriculum which contains Nigerian and British content. We offer self-paced learning through instructional videos, interactive exercises and personalized learning programs. Pupils/students can progress quickly through subjects they have mastered and spend more time with difficult subjects or topics that engage their interest.


Pupils and students ranging from pre-school to secondary school can sign up to be part of this experience. Starville Online classes would help pupils/students develop essential abilities in technology and online learning. 


We are an online school resource. Your home is the school! You are the administrator. We would be here to help you through.


To be part of this amazing learning journey kindly fill out the registration form by clicking the link below.

Once your registration form is received, an e-mail would be sent to you containing all the information you need to complete the process.

NOTE: Kindly fill in an active e-mail address in your form.


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