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Starville School is a private Christian school open to male and female children of diverse backgrounds and abilities. Starville School exists to provide quality education based on Christian values and principles. We however offer admission to pupils/students irrespective of religion, race or nationality.




Founded in the year 2007, we are located in Jahi, a fast-growing and serene area of Abuja . It is beautifully decorated with an enormous playground. Our school is founded on Godly principles and this is the bedrock on which everything we do is based on. Children are God’s heritage; we are just caretakers building them up with the best of our knowledge and God-given ability.

Our Children come first at Starville School, they are treated as a family; and are brought up with the utmost care possible.

To give total and comprehensive education, we provide all the necessary activities and materials to ensure a foundation for life-long learning.


At Starville School, we are committed to the development of the total child by equipping him/her with a variety of skill-set and values which provide a basis for complete character building, virtue and other ennobling lifestyle attribute for their learning. To achieve this, we offer a wide range of carefully selected and organized academic programmes and extra-curricular activities based on Curriculum.


Researchers have shown that the quality of adulthood lies in childhood experiences and that children experience their most rapid brain development in the first early (three) years of life. We leave no stone unturned to give high-quality child care and all-round education to any child opportune to be part of the family at Starville School. Here, we value effort, teamwork and leadership as essential qualities for success


Your children are assured of all-round growth and development by the diverse community organization in the extra-curricular activities that take place within our community. Learn more

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