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It seems just like yesterday you dropped them off at pre-school. All of a sudden reality hits you, high school graduation is around the corner. After all the celebrations of this great feat, what next?

University at home or University abroad?

Allow us to Introduce to you, Starville Sixth Form College.

What is it and why should it be considered as the next phase of your child’s educational journey after secondary school.

What Is A Sixth-Form College?

A sixth-form college provides a platform for students to study for further advanced level qualifications such as Cambridge A-level certificate or other international pathway programs before proceeding to full undergraduate studies.

The students who attend sixth form colleges are typically within the age range of 16-18.

It helps prepare students wishing to apply for international undergraduate studies, and builds a solid bridge between secondary school and university abroad.

A sixth form program is also vital for the psycho-social development of students as it prepares their minds and helps them develop key interpersonal skills. Sixth form students have the opportunity to fully develop into young adults who are able to take responsibility for their actions and learning.

So Why Should You Consider Experiencing Sixth Form College?

  • If you think your child is too young to go directly into the university. You can bridge the gap with a sixth form college education.

  • If would like them to travel abroad for their higher education, a sixth form college is ideal. This is because the majority of the universities abroad require you to have an A-level result which is a step ahead of the O-level/GCSE result.

  • If you would like to study in a university in Nigeria, you can also attend a sixth form college, the advantage is that you will go directly into 200 level as a direct entry student instead of starting at entry level.



Starville Sixth form has been strategically designed to provide world class sixth form education.

With us your child would benefit from; an advanced learning environment, experienced facilitators, freedom and independence, boarding accommodation, strong inter-personal relationships and maturity to take on the world.

To know more about the programs offered by Starville Sixth Form College send us an e-mail;

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