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The Starville Elementary years admits Children between the ages of 5 + years to 10 + years into the school.

We use an integration of the Nigerian, British and Montessori Curriculum. This is adopted for a balanced, broad-based curriculum that encourages children to be academically inquisitive and to take responsibility and initiative as they move into this more structured phase of their schooling.


We develop unique, sensitive individuals. With, a solid foundation laid in, the Pre-School years, this is a stage where children are ready for abstract thoughts which lead to mastering abstract concepts. Children are encouraged to explore, challenged to learn core skills and guided to be proficient in oral reading, written communication and acquire dexterity with numbers.


When children are prepared to move beyond the Pre-School classroom, we provide a more structured approach and begin to facilitate a successful, transition to elementary school. In Starville elementary years, children are taught to express themselves and to self - teach by researching. Through research, they are able to share an abundance of knowledge with each other. The Children's physical, emotional and social skills are developed.


The elementary years consists of 6-year groups, divided into two:

Lower Elementary (year 1 – 3)

Upper Elementary (year 4 – 6 ).

Subjects taught in the Elementary include:

  • Mathematics

  • English Language

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Religious Education

  • Pre – Vocational

  • I.C.T

  • Nigerian Languages (Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo)

Arts, music and physical education are integrated into the school’s curriculum.


Assessment tests are taken weekly. Examinations are conducted termly.

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